Jul 24

Essential Equipment That You Must Carry When Travelling

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For those of you who want to travel, packing goods to be taken during the trip is a crucial moment. If minimal preparation, we can forget things that are important during the trip. On the contrary, the less important items are carried away. Well, let your travelling activities be safe, comfortable, and memorable, make sure you bring the following important items before leaving.

– Carrier Strong and Comfortable

Without this, how do you transport your things? When choosing a carrier that you will use for backpacking, make sure you do not choose an origin. Adjust to your needs and body size. If you will only do one day trip, carrier capacity of 30-40 litre is also enough. If you want to climb more than one night, bring a 50-55 litre capacity. If it’s almost a week? A carrier that measuring 65-70 litres, which can be upgraded to 100 litres may be an option for you to choose.

– Money belt, so your money is safe from pickpockets

A money belt is not a small waist bag, but Undercover money belt in the form of a regular belt, but has a small compartment with recruiting that you can use to save emergency money. Money belt you can get in stores that sell special equipment travelling.

– Waterproof digital camera

Capturing beautiful moments along the way is important, especially when you want to tell others via blogs. For that, prepare a pocket camera that features waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, so you can take pictures at will without worrying your camera is drowned in the water or exposed to dust and sand. With a pocket camera of this kind, you can capture the moment in all terrain and conditions.

– A versatile knife. Practical, and can save lives

Bringing multifunctional equipment like the Swiss Army Knife does not hurt. This stuff can be used anywhere, especially if you like to explore the outdoors, from peeling fruit, cutting wood, cutting, to opening bottles. But make sure you keep it in your rucksack while travelling by plane.

– Journals, as travel notes

Along the way, you can always get inspiration from the things you meet; There is always a story you can write. So always keep a journal or notebook that is always within your reach, so you can write down ideas that come to you or things that are interesting whenever it’s necessary to not just evaporate. This notebook will be one of the important travel companions, so choose a notebook that is compact but good quality. With this, you can write your story before uploading it to your personal blog.

Jul 24

How to Put Items Into Luggage

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Packing is art for those who like to travel. Roll the clothes and pants, this will be more efficient than just stacked. The technique of folding the clothes alternately with other clothes can be an alternative to rolling, so as not to tangle. The last item needed is at the bottom of the suitcase or backpack. While most items are needed at the top of the suitcase or backpack. Take advantage of empty space in a suitcase to insert small objects, or insert small objects into shoes and other hollow items. Please check the list of items so that nothing will be forgotten. Do not put valuables in suitcases or backpacks that enter the trunk of the plane.

Place the Food on the Top of the Bag. Quite often a traveller brings food during a long journey to a holiday destination. If you want to bring food in backpacks or tote bags that do not enter the trunk, place at the top for easy to take. So when hungry and want to eat snacks, you do not have to bother unpacking the whole bag just to take the food. More time and energy savings.

Bring an Empty Bag To Reserve. Create a shopping hobbyist, prepare at least an empty bag. Bags will be useful to carry groceries that will not fit in the main bag. We recommend this large backpack but the material is flexible, so it can be folded so small and easy to carry. In addition to groceries, backpacks are also useful if suddenly your main bag is damaged or lost. Even if not used until the end of the trip, there may be friends who need and can you lend.

One thing you should remember is, always take drugs when going to travel. There is a saying, umbrella before the rain. Bring your own personal medicines while packing for travelling. We never know whether to be sick or not during the holidays. Therefore, take medicine that you often use in the case. In the places we go, not necessarily the drugs we need are available. It would be much better to bring medicine from home.

Jul 24

Traveling Tips

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The end of the year is waiting, what’s on your mind? Holiday? You want to travel with friends or family? If so, you can read this article and find various tips that you can use.

– Specify Schedule Packing, Do not Rush

A comfortable holiday starts from the perfect packing. If you already specify a departure date, immediately set a time for packing. Do not be too close with departure schedule. Need enough time for the correct packing, to be more relaxed and no important items missed to carry. Certainly not fun if it arrived at the destination, then just realised there are items left behind because of packing in a hurry.

– Create a List of Luggage

When packing, make a list of what items will be brought. Write in a book or notebook on the phone so it is not easy to lose. If confused, you can find samples of any items that must be brought on the internet. You can also ask a friend who has already gone to the same destination detention. Ask for any suggestions that are necessary and do not need to be taken.

– Bring Destined Goods Destinations

Remember always to bring goods and purposes in accordance with the destination. If there are items that have not been owned, you can buy or borrow the property of friends. For example, you want a holiday to Europe in the winter, do not delay to buy a thick jacket. Note also about the power plug in the destination country. If different, it means you have to buy a universal plug aka converter.

– Remember the 100 Ml Liquid Rule

If you plan to board the plane but want to bring toiletries to the cabin, you should prepare in 100 ml pack. Liquids such as perfumes, lotions, soaps, and toiletries or other liquids may be brought to the cabin of origin not more than 100 ml. By bringing the liquid in accordance with the provisions that exist, you will more quickly pass the inspection process at the airport. The streets were going to be more comfortable.