Having problems with tap water that runs too small or very weak is very annoying when we need a lot of water either to bathe, wash the vehicle or water the garden. Not infrequently also for households who already have their own water source with a water pump machine but still find the flow of several faucets in one house was not the same. Suppose why the faucet in the kitchen water is much faster than in the park? This can be analyzed from the application of pipe installation whether it is in accordance with the technical pipe is good and correct. From the actual plumbing problem can still be overcome with correct and proper water pipe installation techniques, in order to produce the same water flow for each faucet although there are several faucets that opened simultaneously no one has decreased its sluice. Whether for a mechanically propelled water supply by a pump machine or only supplied from a water reservoir, both can still get good results on condition that they are ready to increase the cost of installing the installation pipe.

With the addition of a rather extravagant pipe material for applying a sealed piping system which means that the pipeline distribution line is made full (circular) then the water discharge produced for each faucet will be equal to the pressure. Then, in order for the faucet between the upper and lower floors to have the same water pressure, there should also be installed a closed pipe installation for each floor with a different supply line from the main source. The most common mistake that causes uneven tap water pressure is the pipe installation model that prefers sticking to the wall rather than through the bottom path (floor). Installation of the parent distribution pipe attached to the wall will make the water pressure becomes uneven between the faucet with one another because there is a possibility of faucet position in one house, of course, have different height placement. However, to overcome these differences in order to keep the tap water flowing with the same pressure, then the installation model of the closed pipe installation and choose the installation of the parent distribution pipeline through the floor will be the most appropriate solution to solve the problem of small flowing tap water in your home.